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NAPAA Mission Statement

N. A. P. A. A.
(Native American Petroglyph and Archeology Association)
Established 2014
A Non Profit Organization

Mission Statement

Our goal at NAPAA is to bring public awareness to the Native American Petroglyphs and Pictographs, to visit, document and analyze the many sites with a goal to study the likelihood of the Native American Petroglyph as a hieroglyphic form of writing.

To provide to the best of our ability our own methodology for the purpose of Preservation, Education and Documentation of the many petroglyph and archeologic sites throughout the Americas and particularly the west.

In addition our intent is provide the digital reconstruction or re mastering of many Petroglyph sites suffering severely from intentional and/or natural damage.

To discover the intended meaning and come to know and understand why so many messages have been left upon the rock seemingly for future generations.

To discover who is actually responsible for the many sites, to understand why so many of today’s generations, choose to deface them, destroy them and often remove them from the site where found.

With hope and through education it is our desire to create public awareness to help bring the destruction to a minimum if not to an end, all in an effort to preserve our cultural history.


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