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UTAH Historic DIGITAL Topographic Maps (Collections) For Download

See Payment Instructions Below

1st Collection: 

4 State Historic 15 Minute Topographic Map Collection (6 Gig) (1:62,500 Scale) (1950's) .pdf files. Includes Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. (NEAR 1000 Maps) Download Link $25.00 (Other States can be acquired)
Just under 1000 Maps!
Showing Old Railroads, Ghost Towns, Ruins, old mines etc...

Typical Historic 15 Minute Topo Map


2nd Collection: 
.jpg Images
Earliest Topographic Maps of the Western States
Collection (6 Gig) (Late 1800's to Early 1900's)
Download Link $25 

States included in this collection are, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New, Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California, there may be some maps but not many not available. These files are mostly .jpg files and are of good quality. Over 1000 Maps. Download Link $25.00

Typical Historic Topo Map

3rd Collection: 

7 AND 30 Minute Map Collection

ALL Utah 7 Minute (.tif files) and 30 Minute (.jpg files) Maps Topographic of the entire state of Utah, (10 Gig) over 1000 Maps. (1960's to 1980's) Download Link $25 

Typical 7 Minute and 30 Minute Topo Map

NOT RECOMENDED for download to I Phones or Android, these are large files intended for computers only.

Payment Instructions to Buy:

* Send $25 per collection to Paypal: crickett4@gmail.com 

OR Venmo: Amy-Crockett-Lowe (crickett4@gmail.com)

* MAKE SURE to INCLUDE YOUR Contact Information

* Please send me an email to the tuscoro@gmail.com address telling me specifically which set you want, and that you have sent payment.

* Once all is received and verified, I will send you a link via email.

* Download from google Drive

* If you have any issues please email me at tuscoro@gmail.com

Thank You!

ALL Communication should be through email to tuscoro@gmail.com DO NOT use the tuscoro email address for paypal or venmo payments

* Please don't forget to INDICATE Which Collection you want, 1st Collection, 2nd, or 3rd, etc

(For those of you who live in Utah and have an America First Credit Union account or one of their branches near you), direct deposit is possible...

If you are in Sanpete County, you are welcome to come by with your own flash drive to get your downloaded copies, but you will have to wait... or drop it off and come back later...

*** PS... If there is a particular map you decide you want a printed high quality copy, I will give you the contact info to my friends who have printed Topo Maps for USGS for years! They are in Salt Lake City. I will try to get a standard price from them and include it here later.

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