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Donate to Our Non Profit Org

If you truly wish to donate and help us keep this research going, supporting our Non Profit NAPAA Research and keep Tuscoro.com up and running, you can do so by going to:
your PayPal account and send your donation via "Friends and Family" TO the recipient address....  crickett4@gmail.com  which is Amy's PayPal account.

Or send via venmo To: account crlckett@hotmail.com (Amy Crockett Lowe @Amy-Crockett-Lowe)
NOTICE: in the hotmail email address above after the cr, it is NOT a number ONE or the letter i.... it is an small L

If you prefer another option  please inquire for details by emailing us a tuscoro@gmail.com or those of you who have my number you are welcome to call.

Thank You from Tuscoro.com
Daniel, Amy and the little ones...