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Friday, February 18, 2022

Knights Templar or Order of Christ in Utah


After my trip south and visiting a site where in a rock cross was found constructed up on the ground and examining the site finding all that I hoped to discover and then some, I just could not sleep and so, less than 24 hours since I returned home, here is my assessment of the site, at least as much as I can tell at this point. For now, the names of those involved will remain unknown for good reason...

This morning I sit here in the early morning hours contemplating my life and my studies of 40 plus years, the orthodox history,  and my active involvement of applying myself for near 33 years now, in unraveling what history has so profusely misrepresented with what seems to be an intentional disarray of what was already nothing but confusion. 

Why is it so important to certain elite power structures to keep that which is truth hidden from the general population? Things that happened so long ago which some might see as unimportant today? However where ever you see the effort of truth struggling to be told, you will find the opposition working hard to keep it from coming to light or at least being understood. It would seem that whenever the appearance of truth struggles to come into the light the powers that be put forth a great effort to pull the veil of darkness back over it even to the point of confusing the concept that one may not see it clearly and instead find themselves allowing their minds to adhere to the intentional confusing of the truth. Let me remind the reader, it is the victor in each battle that has written what we call history. 

Back in the 1970’s hardly anyone had heard of Knights Templar, let alone the Order of Christ which followed, I certainly had not, and for some time would not understand exactly who they were and their intended function as an organization, to this day I wonder if there isn’t more… Little did I know at the time my connection of direct linage of not only Henry Sinclair, but the very man who gave the order of extermination, King Philip IV. It wasn’t until the release of the book Holy Blood Holy Grail that many seem to come from out of the darkness and began contemplating the scattered truths in order to form some hypothesis of common sense, words in which seem to be growing in strength and hopefully will continue to overpower the convenient or popular truth we have come to know as orthodox.

Oh if only I could tell you… but now here I am once again wanting to tell all of the truth of a new discovery, or should I say what I have come to see as a possible truth, but for various reasons I cannot at this time and can only say this, there are just some things the general population ought not know.


The Order of Christ Military Cross in a Shield

In recent months a friend who at this time shall remain unknown, sent me some footage of a geoglyph on the ground, taken from his drone while just out exploring, hoping to discover not only the meaning of, but the authenticity and why it was even there? I must say, the potential of what I was seeing fascinated me if authentic, and I could say is one of the most interesting things I have seen since my quest for truth began. Although I could see the likelihood of authenticity, before I could involve myself in this potential new project I just had to know a bit more detail and so I asked my friend to go back to the site and select one of the main rocks or better defined as small boulders, and while taking pictures turn the rock over so I could see the calcite growth on the bottom and estimate the depth of the hole left behind and then carefully restore the rock to its former position. He did me one better by taken video and as I suspected, I now had reason to make plans to visit the site personally. Although I knew at that time the likelihood of authenticity, I sent the video to one of the many friends with the credentials of determining the age of such occurrences, and after seeing the video he responded with “wow, those rocks have not moved for a very long time,” “How long” I asked “Hundreds of years” was his response. 

Now I don’t think my friend who captured the drone footage was the first to find this geoglyph as it would seem, a year or so ago someone had shown it to one of the many self proclaimed experts who after what seems could only be a superficial examination determined it was of recent origin. Familiarity with this individual only confirmed my suspicions of authenticity. 

When I finally arrived at the site I noticed that if you did not know it was there, you could easily walk right past it, as far as “standing out” it seems that only applies when viewing it from above which of course was not ever intended, or standing right at its edge looking down on it. After viewing it for sometime without disturbing it, I could see more plainly why someone without much experience could make the determination of it being a recent creation, recent, meaning in the last 100 years? However I usually start with common sense, asking questions.

Recent Creation? 

Why would someone in the past construct a 12 foot by 8 foot geoglyph on top of such a difficult location to get to where in no one is going to be “just passing by” and with no higher elevation point nearby in order to see it from above and using small boulders to construct it with? There just seems to be no possible motive. And if there is a motive the first thing that makes sense is, they didn’t want it easily found, at least not by just anyone. I find it interesting that modern population has been in the area for about 160 years with several previous expeditions in and around the area as far back as the 1500’s and yet there seems to be no reports even though we have had the ability to fly over the area for near 100 years? 

Why would someone construct this thing using a Templar or more specifically, the Military Order of Christ cross in a shield in the form of a crest or seal?

Cultures of the past who have visited this area or any other, when they leave, they only leave 3 things behind intentionally. Their history, their wealth and their dead. Which of these apply if this geoglyph is indeed authentic? At this point we can stop saying authentic because it obviously exists, what we need to know is who constructed it, why, and how long ago. Is it a hoax? Possibly but again I see no motive. Anyone with any intelligence can fake certain things but let’s pretend that hoaxers are suspect. I believe I know exactly every detail as to what would have to be done in order to create a near perfect hoax and yet I am certain I could not do it myself.

Turning one of the rocks over I can clearly see an estimated 2” deep impression or more importantly an accumulation of dirt around the rock of 2 inches, and the calcite on the bottom which is always present especially on lava rock. I could also see at very exact points some of the original calcite which was growing on the bottom of the rock which existed when the rock was first moved. I noticed that this only occurs at points shaded from the above summer sun, south sun and the western burning sun, and this calcite was very thin and only about 50% of it visible. Why is this consideration? 

Through observation of many monuments in the past being somewhere around 100 or so, I have observed especially in lava flows that the calcite originally on the bottom of the rock which existed prior to it being removed from the ground, was nearly non existent, only a lighter shade of the lava rock remained where the calcite once was. In the same areas I also observed many US Geological survey markers where in lava rock was used to create a pile of rocks and conveniently a brass medallion is situated in the pile bearing the date it was constructed being about 120 years ago. In every case of survey markers, the calcite which formed over a very long period of time found on the bottom of the rocks used and having formed before they were removed from their former long resting place since the lava had flowed, was still very much intact if not hardly a noticeable difference from the time it was removed from the ground. How long does it take in direct sunlight for this calcite to eventually disappear? Well, obviously much longer than 100 years. NONE of the monuments in these areas has any noticeable calcite remaining other than sometimes a small amount in a constant shaded location. 

How is it that this is so perfectly faked if the rocks cross were a recent creation or intended hoax? 

Taking this a step further, in the lava fields in certain areas we have very good reason to believe that the lava flowed as early as 1000 years ago, this has been confirmed by recent discoveries by geologists, having found broken pottery in the lava. This time period is also supported by Piute legend and indication of a convulsion occurring at 900 AD found in the text of the Tucson Lead Cross artifacts discovered in 1927. 

The other consideration of time is in that 2000 years ago at the time of the downplayed event occurring that of the crucifixion. However because of the pottery found in the lava we choose to apply the former time frame.

Near the rock cross there are many rocks that one can safely surmise with confidence that likely have not likely moved since the lava first left them where they are found. Turning any of the rocks over in the area and you will find an estimated 4 inch deep hole, and of course a heavy encrustation of calcite. Nowhere in the vicinity of the rock cross will you find evidence of holes left behind as a result of a recent creation. 

With reasonable confidence presuming the lava there flowed 1100 years ago, (going by the date given in the text of the Tucson Crosses) for each inch of accumulation of dirt around the natural existing lava rocks, would represent about 275 years. Common sense says that if turning one of the rocks over in the rock cross creation leaves a 2 inch hole then we can safely and confidently presume the rocks were placed about 550 years ago or about 1450-1475 AD. At this time I will say that at another of the rocks in the cross formation, a depression of 3 inches was observed. If this site were a modern creation and/or an intended hoax, then the creators deserved a gold star for their ingenious thinking and planning in its creation.


Typical Templar Military cross

But who might be responsible? 

Some 3 miles from this cross is a site I have studied for near 20 years since it was first brought to my attention. It is a site identified as Petroglyphs and thought by a majority to have been left by the Spanish, however close… these glyphs were not made by the Spanish, well not specifically, they are of Jesuit Origin of the 16 or 1700’s, but what were the Jesuits doing in this area? Well, what were they doing in any of the area’s they were in? We could go with the narrative or we can go with truth, regardless it is open to discussion. I have to take a good hard look at the cross itself, Jesuits or at least those whom we are certain were responsible for the glyph sites not far away, did not make this rock cross geoglyph or should we stop calling it a geoglyph simply because it does not fit. As certain as I am that Jesuits are responsible for the nearby glyphs, I am equally certain Jesuits did not build the rock cross because of how it was made and I am certain it predates them,

Perhaps you may disagree but in the construction of the Rock Cross it appear obvious that a particular type of cross was intended and that is a cross which stems from the Templar Cross of the period between the 1100’s to the demise or the Templar, Friday the 13th 1312. Although the narrative would like us to believe the Templar was annihilated, they are sadly mistaken. How many branches of Templar escaped the Pope and his buddy King Phillip is unknown, however it is well know that a number of them ended up in Portugal where they were not only protected and appreciated but a new branch was created not 7 years after the Templar demise and unknown to Phillip or the Pope was made up of the very same Templar’s, only this time it was created with the name Order of Christ. The cross used by the Order of Christ was similar to the Templar Cross but very distinct from it. This cross design is quite apparent in the construction of the Rock Cross enough that it is difficult to deny and with the Shield around it only gives further credence.

The use of the slightly different that Templar, used in the cross of the Order of Christ, and placed in a Shield, coat of arms used as an indication of Heraldry becomes the Military Cross and seemingly as a Seal upon the very ground. But what if anything could they have “sealed up”?

Seal with Shield


Choose this Day Whom ye will serve… 

Looking back at the Nights Templar and other correct historic examples, I know without doubt History repeats itself time and time again, and I know that no matter how sacred the calling given to any group of men, eventually corruption creeps in due to the material weakness of men and their unwillingness to follow the teachings of the very God who commissioned them of whatever task or calling given to them. I had long wondered why the Templar suffered such a horrific ending, what happened to this once sacred order who was commission with a task which not even the Pope knew, and if he did would have made a much earlier end of them. The narrative lumps everything together that the Templar was supposed to be, what they became over a period of 200 years giving the allusion this is what they were from the beginning and this simply is not true. Not only do I believed the Templar started with humble beginnings, I know it, as the pattern is there to see if you just look. There were many others before the Templar with the same calling and it continues to this day but because those who proceeded us in this time, little effort is need as the lack of knowledge has taken over. 

The Templar are not the first to have been associated with the Holy Grail and then later subjective writers brought in the Ark of the Covenant and it never had place with the Templar, nor with those who proceeded them and who came after them. As each organization was commissioned, faithfully carried out their sacred calling they eventually became corrupt and when the were ripe in their iniquity and no long carried out their commission, they were set up for persecution and destroyed. Among the French we have the Saline Franks followed by the Merovingian Kings or bloodline preceded by the Grail Kings, and with the Welsh we have a paralleled linage of those called to the same duty of maintaining their sacred Holy Bloodline, I believe early on they referred to it as the “Kindred Family.” Who remembers the now fairy tale of Anastasia the Russian Romanov? a very real story and example of the act of destroying the bloodline of Christ.


What was their calling? 

It is said that in the beginning the Templar purpose was to protect the followers of Christ as the Journeyed to Jerusalem and round about, this may be partially true. However ever since the great King Christ was born rendering the “Royal” Bloodline as redundant because what did it matter now? The coveted Royal Bloodline the bloodline of King David from which the great King would be born, it was now known of who he was born to and which line and which Royal Linage! and there was no more need of competition as to which Royal Bloodline he might come from! But not if we pretend right?... and this is what the elite of England to this day are doing… pretending… The act coveting and perusing the glories of the Royal Bloodline has become pointless with an impossible end. 

However… when the great King was born, the beginning of the HOLY bloodline came into play, but those who like to pretend and did not want to give up their now useless titles coveting ways and fighting over who had the purest bloodline in which the King may come… I don’t think they thought he would ever come and those of the Royal bloodlines became very comfortable placing themselves far above the people and they were not about the let their status go… 

And then it gets worse… Not only was the Christ born as promised and to the linage of David but then the great King went off and got married! just as he came to teach the people of the earth to do setting an example, and he had children heaven forbid! However the powers that be of the day, could not maintain their comfy status if they could not convince the people of the day  that he was NOT the Great King we know of as Jesus the Christ, but that God had sent us a hypocrite instead who fail to set up the very foundation of the existence of life being an example in setting up his OWN FAMILY! WHY do so may fail to see the hypocrisy that has been taught in ALL religions ever since Jesus Christ was born? OF COURSE he was married AND had children.

The calling of each of the Grail King organizations was for the purpose of protecting and relocating the children of Christ when it became expedient to do so,,, this is what the Templars started out as, they themselves were the keepers of the Grail as they were literal descendants of Christ, the holy blood flowed in their own veins.

After years of those in power trying to destroy the bloodline of Christ it became apparent that they could not, but they could through other means destroy the concept and orchestrate methods of control rendering prevention of the people in knowing who they were. And it worked, It began with alterations of scripture leading the people to believe that Mary was nothing but a whore which is absolutely untrue, and that Christ was celibate, the concept of which is of Satan himself. Several Kings in the past have implemented laws to prevent the commoner from reading and writing all in an effort to prevent the people of learning who they are and where they came from.


Why the Sermon? 

My intent in the previous is the help the reader understand that one of these organization specifically the Order of Christ is most suspect of the rock cross found upon the ground and keep in mind there is much more to tell including evidence of the purpose of the cross having to do with the Grail itself and I do not mean a wooden cup. However at this time I cannot venture further into the story. The question in my mind is, if the cross was placed by this suspect organization of which I am most certain, was it done at a time of righteousness, or during a time of iniquity? the answer of which would shed light and the possibilities of what may have been left behind. As for any cultures or groups of people who have visited this land, there are primarily only 3 things they have left behind, their history, their wealth, and their dead. Unless the cross has a purpose other than what is obvious to me, of which of the 3 things have been left behind? I have my suspicions... Why has the ground been sealed in a place that most certainly was not meant to be easily found? What lies buried here in Utah?

For now I cannot give further detail however when the day comes, I can say, it will be found equally as amazing as the potential of this story already is?

My assessment? at this point and until further evaluation, authentic...

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