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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

History of the research project, The Mexican Banditos Cache Sites

I have received many requests for more details of operations of  projects in Central Mexico, I am never able it seems to give any of the finer details although if one were to skim the many articles I have written one could put together a majority of the story but without identifying details. A big part of why I have withheld many of the details is in that I refuse to put the operations of nearly 16 years, and those involved at any risk due to leaking information, in short, loose lips sink ships… But, I have decided to write a documented history of the research since the first day the information found its way to me, and how I was able to identify the exact sites of not just one mentioned in the document, but 5… There are 14 sites mentioned within the document. Although I have located two more locations but not the sites, we lack the finer details in order to discover the exact site, unlike the first 5 of which we have exact information.

The Map with details removed
January 13th 2002
On or just before the date above, an acquaintance whom I will call Bill, sent me some documents and a map telling an incredible story. I still to this day I do not quite understand why he sent them to me, I can only suppose it is due to a recognized ability to think outside the box. It is also understood that it was a project beyond his means, as there is just too much here in our own back yard. What he may not have known, is that the biggest difference between Banditos Cache sites linked with documentation written at the hand of the Bandito Captain and Spanish cache sites here in the Northern regions is, with this kind of documentation, we have EXACT instructions, something you do not usually get with a Spanish cache site, I have only seen a couple here in the North.

Upon receiving the documents I of course read the story, I was absolutely floored, of course I called him to learn how he had come by the documents, what he had given me was a transcription of the English Translation created by a semi well known Treasure Hunter whom I will call John, and who made several attempts to resolve the location in the 70’s.

As it would seem, John was operating somewhere near Veracruz on a sunken ship project, when he was approached by an inland villager working on the coast. Recognizing John as a presumed professional, he approached and ask him if he would be interested in helping his family to locate a treasure documented by their ancestor, and left with their family. As it would seem, those who first received the documentation from their ancestor were very superstitious, no one made any attempt in 150 years to locate the fortune. Interest diminished and place names were forgotten.

Some who have read the many treasure hunting books would know the real name of the treasure hunter if I were to give a real name, but no real names will be divulged in this history. John agreed to look at the document, stunned at what he had read, he asked if he could make a copy. Permission to do so was granted, it took near a week just to find a Zerox machine to make the copies. Taking these copies back to Utah where he lived, he had the document translated. The original copies of the Spanish written document have since been burned by his wife who was sick of would-be treasure hunters coming to her door after her husband John had passed away. The treasure hunter sought the help of an individual who was at the time gaining notoriety at his abilities in the treasure game, this individual was the afore mentioned Bill. They agreed to meet and the translated document was left with Bill. Fifteen minutes later John changed his mind, being the typical non trusting treasure hunter I have seen so much of, however unexpectedly upon returning to get the document back from Bill, he had already made a copy of it and the original map with John’s own maps from his own attempts to locate the hoard, and without John’s knowledge. John would not find out what had happened until many years later, not long before his passing.

How long Bill had held these documents is unknown, but they were shared with me about January 13th 2002. After reading the story, like John, I could not believe the magnitude of what I had just read, for a couple of years I found every effort to learn more of the locations, in those days I was very well set financially. The first Topographic maps of the area in question had not been around long, created as late as 1985. I managed to find these maps and ordered them. Google Earth had just been released and this proved to be a much needed tool and largely helped in finding what no one had been able to do in 200 years. The Topographic maps I received were of pretty good quality, however unknowingly at the time there were several place names on the maps that were very difficult to see. In fact I didn’t even know they were there until years later as a result of the much better quality PDF versions. When the maps arrived I did not open them, but loaded them in my truck and headed to work to meet with some of our Mexican National sub-contractors.

Sitting in the favorite coffee shop, one of the subs whom I will call Juan, came to meet with me, I have always been interested in the Aztec and those peoples of Mexico and out of habit I asked him what part of Mexico he was from. To my surprise, he named the very town suspect of having been in the heart of the search area. I ask him if he wouldn’t mind looking at some maps, he eagerly agreed, and upon unrolling the maps he was shocked to see them, he said that he had worked for the company that made these maps prior to coming to the states, he said his job was to field check and validate old place names using the history contained in the local libraries, county, state and villages. Shocked at this coincident I asked if I could throw some names at him to see if he was familiar with some of these old place names, “sure” he said, and as I gave him some of the place names mentioned in the document with little effort he would circle his finger around an area on the map and saying about right here… I would later discover he was very close.
With this new knowledge I continued my search in the area finding every possible source by which to discover the points mentioned in the translation, efforts were also underway to find a copy of the original Spanish text which eventually and miraculously come about. I continued using google earth in creating a kmz identifying as many as the place names as I could, and creating an overview, it wasn’t long and I knew I had found it, but how could I prove it?

Just weeks before I felt I had done the impossible, at least up and to that point, another friend of mine whom I will call Mike, visited me, this was about 2005. Although at this point considered a good friend, he was still a secretive type as he was one of those unknown treasure hunters that the would-be treasure hunter only heard rumor of, he simply did not like exposure however upon meeting him years prior, I don’t know why but we just hit it off. On this day he brought me some documents he wanted me to look at, taking the documents I began to read and recognized the document and noticed immediately the place names removed. I perked up and told him, I know this story, he almost indignantly responded with “You couldn’t know it” I insisted that I did and offered to fill in the blanks, which I did, Furious and baffled he said “how did you know this? this document was well guarded and kept by my X partner, where did you get a copy?” This is when I told him of  the Bill mentioned earlier, and as it would seem John was Mike’s X Partner and he had given him a copy long ago before their parting. Immediately he knew how Bill had come by the document as he was familiar with the initial visit between Bill and John. When Mike told John who he still communicated with, he was furious and wanted to kill Bill for making copies.

Not long after this incident, my financial wellbeing took a dump, as it would seem, I decided to retire from my position in the company, one of my “thought to be trusted” friends was whining about his retirement and how he was not going to be able to pay his bills Like the friend I can be, I recommended him to my partner for a replacement, my partner accepted, long story short, this so called friend began creating his own company, added himself to the corporate record as a manager to our company which is illegal the act of which is still a matter of public record… then he dissolved the company. Finally he and one other perpetrator sent emails to all our clients telling them we had changed the name of the company removing from us our entire client base. The state would not reinstate the license and we lost everything. That just needed to be said…

Ok so now, knowing I had the right location I continued searching out old documents to give credibility to what I already knew. With persistence I was able to track down 4 other Banitos Captain’s final documents telling of their cache locations and their doings, two of which spoke of the same primary site of the first document and some accounts as early as 1727 and several references to robberies that began as early as 1600. Also due to persistence I was able to track down one individual in Mexico who believed he may have the same document that I had but in the original Spanish.  Through negotiations we exchanged documents and as it turns out, they are of the same source however I discovered Johns translations skills needed improvement, several mistakes were found but nothing that changed the final location. I asked this gentleman where he had obtained this typed copy from the 1970’s. He told me that he knew the family that had it and one day they showed it to him, excluding the map. He asked at that time due to the age and obvious deterioration of the document, if he could type out the text of it, and this is how he ended up with it. He sent me a copy of this typing of the 1970’s. This event alone told me the whole story was in fact, factual as there is no way a guy in Mexico could have possibly typed a document in the 1970’s that just happened to be the same story I would receive but in English, some 30 years later.

Not to many years ago I was searching for better quality maps when I came across a web site that had these maps in PDF format. Of course I downloaded them and to my surprise, they are OCR and searchable not to mention much easier to read… One day while reviewing the maps I noticed a word on the maps I had never seen before, one of the key place names I had asked my friend Juan about years before. There it was right at nearly the exact location he had circled with his finger, and then another and another and low and behold, everything was just as I had decided without knowing for sure of these locations, but instead by all the clues and information I had gathered, these had to be the correct locations and sure enough I was right on.

As far as placing a value on this site, lets see what you come up with, it is described as a natural “cavern” I will leave it up to you as to how big a “cavern” is… In the beginning of the 1600’s when the organization was created and the continuous robberies of Spanish Mule trains began, the Captain of that day, vowed to fill this cavern with Gold ONLY… This goal according to documentation was fulfilled at the end of the 1700’s, and in the document it is pointed out that they filled it to the point that they could not place the carved fitted lid back on the opening. So they took out the obstructing portions and placed the lid on one last time, and then buried the overflow nearby of which I also have exact instruction as to how to find it. It is stated, in the documents, where all the silver was placed over the many years nearby, and yes, I have the instructions for it as well.

Earlier I mentioned that other documents were obtained over the years of other accounts of other captains at other locations and times. One of the documents which I later discovered was actually published back in the 40’s or so in Mexico. Of course pertinent information was missing from that document but with the first document and this one, one could complete the search except… one small detail. One day while doing the research trying to learn the location of this once presumed village, there it was… I had to know where it was in order to know the path of the road mentioned in the document, you see, I knew the location of the other end of the road mentioned but needed the name of the now nonexistent village in order to find the correct path and after 20 minutes or so, we had concluded another site search, this was about 2012 or so.

Much has happened in these last 6 years, the land owners were first contacted about 6 years ago, I can’t say much about the events but lets just say it has taken longer than expected but it is fully understood why. The last visit there was ‘boots on the ground’ and my colleague was escorted to the general area and visited two of the primary sites, the escort never knew what he was looking at. When he returned, the first thing I said to him was, I gotta know, you visited the two sites personally? Yes he said, I responded with the question that has weighed on me for over 10 years, Am I crazy? He told me Dan, I am here to tell you, you are not crazy, everything was just as you said, and other things verified which I cannot disclose. Another, and key visit is in the works.

Just a few years ago, another fortunate development occurred. In the original document brought to me in 2002, there was a key site mentioned in a comparable statement to the primary subject of the document, it gave no reference as to where it was, it simply mentioned it. About the end of 2015, a friend sent me a message, asking me if I had ever heard of this coral which by name is clearly the same, uh… yes?... I said, why? Then he told me that he might just have a very interesting document for me, and he sent it to me. It turned out to be exactly what I thought not possible, in short it was the transcription of the English translation of yet another Bandito cache site, the very one mentioned in the original document received in 2002.
This document was among an early 1900’s Historic researchers private papers. It seems, as he was to investigate a certain history of the place he was from, he heard of an old woman who had discovered an old document buried in her garden in an iron chest 100 years prior. However she was illiterate and the paper, unknown to her, ended up in her pile of papers she used for patterns. It was a neighbor friend who happened upon the paper as she began to cut it up for a pattern when she notice the wording and stopped to read the document, having read it she knew how important it was. Eventually the researcher was able to obtain a copy and I presume he created the translated document. We believe the original Spanish transcription is still in his personal papers at a well-known university. I am anxious to get there to search his papers preserved at the university, but financial setback has been the prevention of this, I really don’t need it, but my meticulous nature wants it.

With this document, another of the most famous Banditos Cache sites and strongholds has been discovered with NEARLY explicit instructions and no less than 20 separate caches in a trail of treasure sites leading to the primary stronghold and cache. The majority of those in this trail of treasure are considerably small in comparison to the primary at the end of the trail, however each leading to the primary location is well worth the effort for someone, but it won’t be me. Some day when I am comfortable in the conclusion of the main site near the Port of San Blas, I will gladly give this information to one of my Mexican friends… The small caches range from the smallest mentioned of 2 cargas of minted silver, (300 to 400 lbs) to “40 loads of minted silver (6-8,000 lbs) and 2 loads of minted gold” (300 to 400 lbs). This one does not come close to the potential value of the primary site which is estimated at nearly 1 billion. We have permission from the land owner to proceed with this site. I will not give an estimate of the primary site of the first document, for very good reason we may have to just let it go... The smaller of the two primary sites of the first document is estimated by figures given in the specific document at 100 Million.

Is anyone now beginning to see the irony in all of this and the dilemma I am faced with and why I am just short of weaving baskets at the funny farm? But I do not give up… I think… I need a financial partner… whom upon mutual agreement, I will give almost or near the full details, depending on the level of participation and the qualifying character of an interested party.

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