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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Private Researcher Of the Antiquities, Seeks Partner

Wanted: Financial and Working partner in the search and documentation of Antiquities, Exploration, 
and Resolution of ancient sites.

The items in the collage above came from the Wasatch Mountains,
the Uinta Mountains, Illinois, Santa Fe, and the Four Corners area

          Private Researcher of near 30 years experience researching the antiquities of the Americas is seeking a qualified party to assist not only in a financial manner, but also in expeditions to bring about physical discovery of many historical mysteries.- those ancient artifacts and clues left behind by long forgotten peoples many years ago, and where possible, recovery. I cannot say enough about the projects and documents that have been acquired over the years, some of which are original source material. I am not a treasure hunter, per say, but instead a researcher of the antiquities. Some may have a difficult time distinguishing the differences between a researcher and a treasure hunter. The primary difference is motive…

Please read the following and if you have ideas of how this should or could be done either in total or in part I am open to any suggestions… (From Qualified Parties) I can’t please all of the people all of the time… I do not expect those who consider this to believe me, I only expect belief... Nothing transpires until both parties are satisfied…

          Some of you may wish to participate in this research and this is possible, however the qualified party I seek must be of a sort who could go to Vegas and squander a hundred thousand dollars just for fun and laugh all the way back home because they had a good time, and be of the attitude “what the hell”, it is entertainment and considered a tax write off or for whatever other reason can be shrugged off.

This partnership would begin with but not be limited to: two known cache sites estimated to be over 8 to 9+ figures total potential treasure value. This contract would be for an undetermined period of time, until success is met, or until the parties decide to discontinue the relationship. The financial partner and party must be prepared to cover the cost of research, expeditions, equipment and technology required on and above the monthly required amount. After all, once I give the details of a given project (and I DO give ALL the details) what recourse would I have, other than a so called “iron clad” non-competitive/non-disclosure agreement, considering that high dollar crafty attorneys get paid to discover loop holes if or when the party has a dishonest change of heart? There must be a very trusting relationship between myself and the financial partner from the beginning and throughout.

          I am not trying to make a living from this venture, I am trying to set up my retirement by being successful at bringing to fruition this phase of my life as well as other facets of the same. This offer is open to all who can, for the most part, meet the criteria and if both parties feel good about the partnership. Time is of the essence... I want to get back to my research to find additional sites that I know of and have been on the back-burner for way too long. I have the insatiable desire to spend as much quality time with my family as possible.

          I have in the past, had little to no desire to bring to conclusion the many mysteries, found in ancient stories, maps, and documents that I have accumulated over the last 30 years. The hunt and the mystery have been my motivation and quest in past times, however the desire to bring some of my research and knowledge of locations and valuables to fruition and resolution exists so that I may slowly slide into my later years of life. The desire of the thrill of the hunt will never change, however physical discovery has become essential for continuation of what drives me most, that being the research and resolution of the many mysteries still unsolved and discovery of material evidences left behind by those who had every intention of returning to take possession of their property, be it from their results of surplus wealth from successful adventures and efforts, or forced abandonment due to unforeseen incidents or circumstances.

          There are many projects to consider for first placement. At this time, no less than 76 projects have accumulated in my collection, some of which to be resolved require modern technology to attain the next step to a resolution. Technology that would allow us to find the final actual spot by overcoming difficulties like brush and shrubbery overgrown on the site. I speek of Lidar technology, or even Infrared for instance, which could aid in resolving the intended 'X' marks the spot. There are many difficulties to overcome in bringing resolution to some projects but with many others not so much difficulty is involved. Land ownership issues, pertinent law, and sometimes just location accessibility difficulties, some are in Mexico. Some are on Privately Owned land, or BLM, or Forest Service, State and even National Monument areas. Land status can change contrary to popular belief. Some sites are challenging in different ways and need to be addressed with patience sometimes.

          The qualified party must be sharp, able to help resolve inherent problems, and be someone who does not see brick walls, but quick solutions to circumnavigate the appearing obstacles. The party must be diplomatic in resolving issues of dispute, preferably politically connected, (though not an absolute requirement). He/She must be a skeptic for the truth but one with a stern belief of possibility and probability… Resourcefulness is a must, COMMON sense, and positive perspective please.  I am not always right… but I am most of the time… ;-) A personality of a light hearted sort and likes to joke and kid around to keep the sanity is also requested if possible, but not required of course! The chosen partner MUST be responsible, reliable, non-distracted when needed, DEDICATED and reachable, to avoid responsibility problems and slow down of the work load required. Time sensitive situations occasionally sometimes arise, if you say you are going to call, then call or send a message concerning the issue. In short, I do not work well with unclear, careless and hap-hazardous types or should I just say flakes? Say what you mean and mean what you say. I will however tolerate your weaknesses if you will but tolerate mine! ;-)

          These projects are NOT Story Book Tales… A few of the projects I am presently pursuing have at one time been written about famously, however many of them are first hand accounts from a given source or personal property i.e. a map. Some with extreme credibility and poor prominence, and others with less credibility yet good prominence and/or a mix of the two. The projects at hand include, Mummy Caves (Documentation only), underground and lost cities, several Spanish Expedition spoils, personal accounts of discovery, Moctezuma or Aztec related, Jesse James spoils, Banditos of Mexico spoils, and other subjects of which I will at this time, hold my tongue, all of which are considered in the sought after partnership.

A Synopsis Example of three of the first considered projects are as follows….

*An open shaft reported to have been found in 1920’s/30’s containing…. Things, shall we say? Lidar is the desired choice of technology, or we could place several men on the ground walking tirelessly back and forth through forest… Lidar would be so much more effective… Fall is near…way less labor intensive and less extra paid help... estimated value unknown but likely 7 digit plus.

*There is a semi well known map in recent years that has surfaced, and has since been published, but it would seem due to the perspective of the author of the map that those things upon it are difficult for the average to find. There is one location indicated on the map- likely a Jesuit Cache, we are certain of its location, plans to make an attempt at proving this are underway. Estimated Value 7 to 8 digits.

* Banditos Cache site, very famous site in Mexico and is well known there, but the exact location is unknown to them. With exact instructions gleaned from sources resulting in its discovery at the confirmed geographic feature, I intend to give this project, in its entirety, to be coordinated by a qualified partner, willing to take it upon themselves or help in discovering one who can. I am not looking for Superman. Should success be met with this site, I ask a meager 10%. Prominence is good, the location has been verified with boots on the ground, (reported to me as “Everything is just as you have said”). This is a 10 digit + site. Seeming problems may exist such as a language barrier and knowledge of Mexican ways, however I see them as beneficial and minor. It must be agreed upon and understood that no Aztec/Mexican related artifacts found at this sight are to be taken other than the smelted spoils we seek. ALL artifacts must be preserved and left in care of an already chosen representative of Mexican Culture. Isolated yet easy to get to, Don’t brush this one off due to its location, in many ways this one is less prohibited than many sites in the US.

          And there are more….

          This is NOT a current Non-Profit Organization of research, however I am considering it become so… and would only consider it for the benefit of the would-be partner for his purposes. With mild imagination this can easily be considered entertainment in the pursuit of profit.

          Before any solid information is shared, both parties will sign non-competition and non-disclosure agreements. Serious individuals can expect a personal sit down meeting near my home ground, to discuss possibilities, and Q and A, to address concerns and have a better understanding of the exact information.

          I cannot count how many times I have been asked the following question after bringing someone up to speed on many given projects and at that moment they realized what I had shown them was real… “Why don’t you go get it?” Although I often have skirted this question with simple answers such as, “I don’t need it” and it was true in the day… I am going to try and answer this in hopes that a majority understands… Gold simply does not excite me, I do not lust after it, the riches I seek are often ignored by the majority. I am finding it, and stock piling it… and (I do not expect any others to understand this), what drives me is the mystery and the need to resolve and understand the truth of a given thing, and that is as best as I can put it… Often times, those very people whom have asked the above question, have been given the location(s) and yet for their own reasons, they have never gone to “get it” either, even though a shovel was placed in their hands, and an X placed on the ground…

          Much time has passed since then and some things change as they have in the last 10 years or so and I realize now even though the lust for gold is still not there, I realize what it can do for me in furthering those things which I do hold sacred, and wish to accomplish. I do not expect any who have been a part of my adventures in the past, a reader, let alone a possible partner to believe any of what I may have to say, however there are those things to show, and all I ask, is to consider, and have some belief, if you don’t see it, go your merry way…

          It is not possible to cover all of the points intended in this… query or opportunity. If you feel you are a qualified prospect, please feel free to direct serious inquiry or questions to:

Daniel at: 2013daniel.l@gmail.com 

and I will do my best to provide an honest and quick forthright answer, I will expect the same courtesy please. PLEASE share this post at your favorite treasure or exploration site.

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