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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Treasures of Utah Hardback Book Auction

Many moons ago an announcement was made of my intent to publish a Hard Back edition of The Treasures of Utah book. Many of you pre paid for the books and as you know, the project was compromised by misunderstandings.... However the printer managed lately to print enough copies to cover those who paid for the books... If you have not got your copy yet, you will so be patient. ONLY 30 copies have been printed and it is all that will be printed unless things change. This means there is at least 4 copies left of a 30 copy first edition.. maybe a 5th will be available.

Hard Back                            Soft Cover

Instead of selling them outright, I am going to auction them off, part of the reason for this is to raise as much as I can right now as I am at a crucial point in life and MUST get through these next months, I have some incredible things in the works and have high hopes of success.

IF you have already received your book, PLEASE pay attention to the following. Two of the 30 copies are signed in RED INK, IF you have one of those copies OR you get one signed in red ink, PLEASE REMAIN SILENT for now, DON'T tell anyone.. NOT even me... I can't tell you why yet, as I am not about to make any promise... again... based on the performance of another, lets just say I made a decision some time ago that I wanted to do something great for my friends... I look forward to getting even... or better yet, ahead... but there is something more attached to that red signature. So if you already have it... SHHH You may not know the answer to what it is... for months... 

If you are interested in one of the remaining 4 copies, possibly 5, please email me with your offer at Tuscoro@gmail.com on the 26th I will notify those who have won the copies.

Those who purchase one of the last 5 copies, will also recieve the pdf book collection, maps collection, including historic Topo maps of the western states, world maps and maps of the west, and the master map recreation along with the maps used to create it... a monitary value of  $150 or more...  and ????

I will post the days lowest of 4 bids at the end of each day HERE... until the 25th and will announce results morning of the 26th.(Changed to 21st)

NOTICE: I see no reason to drag this into 10 days, the announcement date will be the 21st or when I return Monday. Thank You all...

 * Tuesday ....the lowest of the top 4 bids.... $100
* Wednesday....the lowest of the top 4 bids is $150
* Thursday....the lowest of the top 4 bids is $150
* Friday.....the lowest of the top 4 bids is still... $150
tomorrow I will anounce the winners

You may learn more of The Treasures of Utah book HERE...

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