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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Could this be Aztec Treasure?

"Upon these papers is written in mules blood in a language I do not understand, 
...... to find an enormous cave which contains 
the treasures of the ancient tribes of this area." 
"This cave holds the highest amounts ever known to man"

It it possible this cave is one of the 7 caves of the Aztec origin?

Many years had past since Silvestre Prado had seen his friend Pedro Jose Salvador a Mexican Indian. It had been near forty years since the two had traveled as guides with the Spanish expeditions into the North. Pedro had elected to remain with the Indians of the area when the two parted ways.  Silvestre now nearing his 60’s returned to the place in the North where he had last seen his friend to the place where Pedro had decided to settle after the Spanish explorers had gone. At the time, Pedro and Silvestre had served as interpreters to the Spanish and aided them by communication with the Yaqui Indian who lived in the land,  the Paiute to the North and other tribes nearby.

Silvestre after many days of travel and a difficult crossing of the deep canyon had finally reached the place where they had once lived and worked with the Spanish many years ago only to find the remains of the corals and the humble dwellings. In the hidden place where the two had long ago kept their personal possessions, Silvestre found a couple of gold bars and a worn piece of leather with writing written to him or anyone finding it and explaining things which Pedro had discovered over the years. Silvestre knew the leather had been left for him, but what happened to his old friend Pedro? Not knowing what had happened to him and knowing he was not fit to remain there to discover the things Pedro had left behind and hidden nearby, he took the gold bars and the old poor condition piece of leather back home with him never learning what had happened to his friend. Silvestre now 88 years of age and in 1900, considering his age and due to the progressing decay of the old leather decided to re write the contents on cloth paper for his posterity.

It would be another 79 years before the now old cloth or should I say a copy, found its way to a colleague of mine. A descendant of Silvestre had brought the cloth to my friend for help in finding the things it spoke of. My friend had made a few attempts to search the area but could never really dedicate the time necessary to the project due to other projects that kept him busy and on December of 2006 he turned the project over to me primarily because of my frequent visits to the area at the time.

Prior to receiving the old document and the story, I and some of my friends had found some interesting things in the suspect area not knowing that they had to do with the story I had not yet received.

“Further North in the arroyo there is 3 large monuments in lichen”

The document reads something like this;

Go to the place in the mountains and look for the reinforced coral, once you have found it........................................ you will find ..... large flat ....Beneath them you will find oak planks with pins of the same wood that were used for rafters, and they are covered with cowhides. Remove them and you will find a large store of silver bars. Further down you will find a large cross with wide edges and beneath it planks and cowhide and under it is gold, silver and a ....... You will be happy when you find this because upon ....... you will find jewels of gold and silver and papers made from berry wood. Upon these papers is written in mules blood in a language I do not understand, ...... to find an enormous cave which contains the treasures of the ancient tribes of this area. This cave holds the highest amounts ever known to man. Further ...... in the arroyo there is 3 large monuments in lichen with a tree that is peach growing in the center. Who should find this cloth will be happy, I am now 88 years of age,

Canon de Huajuco Tamatan Tamaulipas
19th of November, 1900
Silvestre Prado

In the spring of 2008 one of the many from this area asked if we would like to see some ruins that he had found, and of course we did. When we drove up on the ruins it was not what we expected and as we got out of our trucks and approached the ruins it was very clear he had found Pedro’s Coral.

Draft of Coral Site

Needless to say were we’re very excited at the anticipation that this was more than likely Pedro’s coral which we knew was a key in the story. We have spent many days in this area knowing we were in the right place but never did we expect to just have the coral handed to us. Now it was time to search the ravine, something that sounds simple enough but there are barriers to overcome and we have made two minor attempts to locate the cave, but as of yet we have not found it. We have however found several other very interesting things and these things alone will draw us to this remote place no doubt, over and over again. I can’t wait to go again.


We have since discovered a translation error... NOW things are starting to come together...

Update: 11/25/2015
it has been a year since this post, and still I have not been able to make it back... since this post, a discovery in the area of the suspect enormous cave has been made, it is what appears to be near 600 acres of ancient irrigation canals, but for what purpose? Where is the city or ruins that would no doubt accompany such a large irrigation system? Well, until I can get an archaeologist to the site to verify, we may never know... but I suspect I know the answer... 

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