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Monday, September 28, 2015

Las Murayas Expediton, Arizona Strip

An expedition is being planed for the place called Las Murayas, a name that has not existed for over one hundred years, the purpose if this expedition is to further our research and quest to find those things which are mentioned in the old cloth document. As a result of our searching and research in the area, we have found two other sites we had not expected. This trip will entail 3 days of visiting 3 specific sites, numerous petroglyphs sites but not as a site seeing tour, it is to gather new information and investigate certain locations where in is the cave of the old Mexican Indian and where he hid his personal treasures which he acquired from two other locations we hope to be furthering our exploration towards as well. It is necessary to find the old Mexican Indians cave as the information pertaining to a most incredible site is within his cave waiting for the right people to find it. These two other sites are Spanish Cache sites and we will be visiting them to make plans for recovery. It will require one day to get there unless you live in the southern regions of Utah or depending on where you live, and a day to return.

A portion of the old document.

You will participate in helping to resolve the clues, learn of those already resolved and help in investigating possible locations as a result of the clues. In addition we will be documenting more closely a Spanish depository cache configuration for the purpose of planning a recovery

The Icon or key Monument

This will be a trip of a lifetime and as long as you have the right mind set, and are willing to enter into strict agreements such as Non Disclosure and Non Competition agreements then you are welcome to join in the search and hopefully the final goal. You will see things you have only read about. Once you are a part of this project, you're in for the haul, even if you never return. We will not discourage further exploration once this trip is finished, as long as we can work together for the same goal and you become a part of the team.

Not everyone who expresses interest will be allowed to go, but all those who do express an interest will be considered. Please don't let your feelings be hurt if you are not chosen to participate. We encourage family participation but we ask that no children come on this trip unless you have someone to remain with them at camp.  

Location is on the Arizona Strip, we will be visiting numerous petroglyphs, the details of one of the most incredible stories I have ever received and looking for a certain cave, investigating two of three Spanish Cache Sites to begin legal procedures and negotiations with land owners. I promise a trip you won't soon forget. You will receive all information pertaining to the site and brought up to date on all that we have discovered and you will learn things you will not learn any where else. In 3 days, I assure you that you will not see the half of it...

RESERVE YOUR SPOT now, I am limiting (Negotiable) at this time the amount of participants to 4. A minimum of 3 is needed to make the trip. You are expected to provide your own camp gear food and supplies. A donation of $400 for each participant is expected to further our research efforts.

This expedition is schedule to occur arrival date of the 25th and departure date of the 28th of October depending on the weather.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at tuscoro@gmail.com

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